Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rob Swift: Who Sampled This?

"Who Sampled This?" was the 2003 installment in the Rob Swift CD series. The bulk of the CD revolves around one of the things Rob Swift is known for. His taste in rare grooves. It also contains excerpts of Rob Swift on the Halftime show with host Eclipse. The excerpts contain some cuts from Rob Swift's solo album "Sound Event" and a scratch routine he performed live on the air. DJ Precison also makes an appearance on this latest CD. Flexing his skill at beat juggling. Lastly, Rob Swift threw in an unreleased song called "Fraudulent Fakes" which features Eddegnz and Gudtyme.

1. Intro
2. Queens Lounge
3. 2 Minutes Of Soul
4. Shady Beats
5. Funk Time
6. The Half Time Radio Show
7. Queens Lounge 2
8. Rob Swift Meets Charlie Parker
9. Interview With Colored Man
10. Slow It Down
11. Precision On The Cut
12. Some Laid Back Cool Shit
13. Bad Boy
14. Rude Boys
15. Some Max Out Shit
16. Fraudulent Fakes (Feay. Eddegnz & Gudtyme)
17. The End

Download: Rob Swift: Who Sampled This?

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