Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hundreds 5th Anniversary

New Traktor Controller. No.

Dj's Please Don't let this happen.

Love my Juice.

I'll be here tonite.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OG "Ready To Die" Edition


By the time Double O gets to Arizona

"Double 0 of Kidz In The Hall badly assaulted by security after performance; Management issues statement"

Double O from the hip hop group Kidz In The Hall was assaulted by several bouncers early Saturday morning, July 26, while inside a nightclub in Tempe, AZ following a Kidz In The Hall performance. Group member and friend Naledge, who did not witness the assault on Double O, was arrested outside of the club. Naledge's attempt to get medical assistance for Double O was misconstrued as a hinderence to the investigation. Reports that no injuries were sustained are false as Double O was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries from the excessive force used by club security. On Sunday morning Double O underwent surgery for one of his injuries. He is still in the hospital, but in stable condition.

In the last 2 years, Kidz In The Hall have traveled to over 10 countries, have done 200+ shows and never before been involved in any altercation, big or small, with club or concert security, or police officers.

Rap to these ringtones I made specially for you Double O:
Public Enemy - By the time I get to Arizona 1
Public enemy - By the time I get to Arizona 2

Milk Crates are officially Old School

Yet another sign of the times. Walmart is making things "more efficient" by redesigning the 1 gallon jug—thereby lowering prices. It kills the crate and introduces cardboard and plastic wrap. Sucka. I remember jacking a mess of white Jerseymaid crates—the ones with the steel bands around the top to keep it solid (not like the un-stackable shitty all-plastic crate) from the docks of an Alpha Beta or Safeway when I lived in San Diego. Lucky that the djs of the past 5 years never really had to do a solo gig toting 5+ crates. I say nab them REAL crates while they still exist! Milk Crates are the new Legos.

Kenneth Cole vs. PMK/HBH

click to enlarge

Kenneth Cole is supporting the charity: Awareness - Kenneth Cole
PMK/HBH is supporting the charity: Rosie's Broadway Kids

Tuesday - Aug 5th - 7 pm

Bring your buisness card!!
Kenneth Cole will be raffling off one men's and one women's bag
PMK/HBH is raffling off 2 Tickets to see Brett Michael and POISON @ The PNC

Music provided by LADIES NIGHT:
DJ Panther, Cash & Prizes, DJ Chopps & Danny Estrella
Ghost Dj Flashpoint Grafix

$2 Tacos (Carne Asada, Chicken, and Veggie)
$4 Margaritas - $4 Well Drinks - Drink Specials All Night
PLUS..."THE FUN-NIZZLE"—Just ask the bartenders what that is!

LOCATED at REWIND — 137 Essex Street (btwn Stanton & Rivington)

Check below for the UPDATED TACO TUESDAY schedule!
Aug 12th - J.Crew
Aug 19th - Marie Claire vs. ????
Aug 26th - US Weekly vs. Self Magazine
Sept 2nd - City Magazine vs. Exposure
Sept 9th - (TBA)
Sept 16th - Cole Haan vs. Lucky Magazine
Sept 23rd - Harrison Shiftman vs. ????
Sept 30th - CK vs. ????

If you and your company would like to throw down contact me:
For photos and other goodies from previous Taco Tuesdays go to's BLOG
Taco Tuesday is sponsored by

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boats and Hoes.

Thank you Angela for making my day.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Free Murs & 9th Wonder Album

Get it while it's free. Next time pay for your shit.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Colt 45 Can Contest

All these contests not enough time!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Threat & Needle

This is the next shit. Super exclusive at the moment so you gotta go to some of these stores to peep 'em. El Mercado in Los Angeles, Rooted Movement in Los Angeles and Goliath in New York!

Their site will be done in a week. Get your wallets ready... the online store will be open soon!

"Threadless Loves Democracy" challenge

Threadless is looking for designs that have nothing to do with the sides in any specific election—US or otherwise. The challenge is all about the idea, the spirit, and the drive behind democracy; not about taking sides.

A special panel of judges including Jeff Staple of Staple Design, Carlos Segura of Segura, Inc, and Ross Zietz of Threadless will choose three designs to succeed. Other cabinet members for the challenge include Sappi Fine Paper, Rock the Vote, Jones Soda, and Jeff Howe's latest book, Crowdsourcing.

Chosen designs will be printed as Threadless tees and Threadless Prints on premium Sappi McCoy paper, and will also be used in a nationwide promotion for Sappi Fine Paper. Designers will also receive goodies including a Gocco P5 Silk Screening Kit, a signed copy of Crowdsourcing, a $250 Apple Store gift card, gift certificates to Screwball Press, free Crown Business Books, and the chosen designs will be available on approximately 1,000 cases (each) of bottles for purchase on Jones Soda's site. As always, designers will also receive a $500 Threadless gift certificate, $2,000 in cash, and an extra $500 in cash for being made into a Print!

Deadline for entries is August 14, 2008. For more info on the design challenge and all its partners, hit the links below:

All the details below:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Props are always good.
Thanks NYT & FWD & BB / /






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Friday, July 18, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008


8/1/08: Disco videos- Firecracker Block Party @ Grand Star, Los Angeles
8/2/08: Oldies videos - Funky Sole @ Jimmy's Lounge, Los Angeles
8/3/08: House video - Do-Over @ Cranes, Los Angeles
8/4/08: Boogie videos - Funkmosphere @ Carbon, Los Angeles
8/5/08: Party rock videos - Dim Mak Tuesdays @ Cinespace, Los Angeles
8/6/08: Reggae videos - Dub Club @ The Echoplex, Los Angeles
8/7/08: Hip Hop videos - Rootdown @ Little Temple, Los Angeles
8/8/08: Movie music videos - @ ???

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pullin the Train

The Time vs Money equation is starting to balance and my cost of Free Time is relatively easier to justify. Yada yada yada. More time = more pictures. Here's my take from the 412 train from Los Angeles Union Station to the City of Industry. gallery