Friday, May 22, 2009

De La Soul x Nike + Original Run: Are You In?

I'm no fitness fanatic but after hearing this album I simply feel like running. Shoot, I felt like I was on a run the whole 40 mins. I might be overstepping but I don't think that any other hip hop artist could bring it like De La did on this one. A conceptual album built for the runner needs the perfect feel and balance of rhyme to music (production creds to: Trackademics, Flosstradamus, Dave West)—and that's what you get with 'Soul's 20+ years of experience. If any album is De La's return album this one would be it. Thank you De La Soul for the audible adrenaline. Nike, thank you again for delivering timeless classics.

1. Rise And Shine feat. Raheem DeVaughn
2. Good Morning
3. Big Mouf
4. Attack Of The Stet
5. Pick Up The Pace (Run)
6. Poetic Greed Feat. Gina Loring
7. Greedy Man Feat. Billy Ray
8. We O.D.
9. Victory Laps
10. Forever

Download: De La Soul x Nike + Original Run: Are You In?

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