Friday, May 29, 2009

Obey x 530medialab Anniversary T

I don't care what they say. I'm a friggin honorary member of 530medialab. Me. Me. Me. Ok enough of all that homo stuff. This crew never can seem to surprise me when it comes dope ass design. What does surprise me is that they still got enough time out of their schedules to put out a 9th anniversary t-shirt. This one is a collab with OBEY. (huge). onetwomagazine love Bart. Kevin. Erik....mostly Kim cause she pays makes sure people get paid. This shirt drops on Saturday — 5/30. Get it, stupid? 530? WHAT!? Blog here. site store here.

From Kevin: "This Saturday (5/30) marks the 9 year anniversary of 530medialab. To mark the occasion 530 did a little something with OBEY Clothing. A huge thank you to Long Beach’s own Joe King for doing up the graphic. The shirt will go on sale Friday 5/29 at midnight via the 530medialab online store and the OBEY Clothing online store. A limited amount will be available on each store. "

BTW: here's something else you can't have:

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