Saturday, September 29, 2007

Heartfood Presents: Friends, Backyards and Guns

He's a little rough on this one but It'll do donkey, It'll do. (65mb/128bit/1:11:15)

Download: Heartfood presents Friends, Backyards and Guns.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bangers & Cash "Bitch!" Download

Yes, party people it's another free heater from those dirty muhfukkas Spank Rock and Benny Blanco. I'd like to say that each cover has been progressively dirty but EACH cover is just plain NSFW—except for this one. This one is ASFW—Almost Safe For Work. For almost 10 seconds to be more accurate.

Download: Bitch! from Spankrock's myspace.

Guru f/ Common "State Of Clarity"

Team Demarcheller vs Shawk & Awwwwww

Taco Tuesday
Emily Demarchelier
Ben Demarchelier
Vanessa Escamilla
Neil Jackson

October 2, 2007
Starts at 7p. We won't stop—but you can stop when you can barely pant the words "I can't take it anymore"

$2 Carne Asade-n-Veggie Tacos
$4 Margaritas
Drink Specials from 7 - 9:30

Djing for the night:
Dj Monster of the Brobots

Located at Rewind
137 Essex (Stanton & Rivington)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hump Day Fun/Margarita Wednesdays/Doin It In The Park

Hump Day Fun
Margarita Wednesdays
Doin It In The Park

$2.25 Margaritas

Barragan's Restaurant
1538 Sunset Blvd., 90026
Wednesday, 9/26

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sir Hayes x Missbehave x BijulesNYC

Taco Tuesday
Special Guest Bartenders:
Khalym (Sir Hayes)
Brooke (Missbehave)
Jules (BijulesNYC)

September 25, 2007
Starts at 7p. No Stopping.
$2 Carne Asade-n-Veggie Tacos
$4 Margaritas
Drink Specials from 7 - 9:30

Djing for the night:
Bachelor Party & Monster of the Brobots

Located at Rewind
137 Essex (Stanton & Rivington)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Flashing Lights Ringtone

Download: Flashing Lights - Kanye West ringtone

Monday, September 17, 2007

Heartfood: Strobelights make me dizzy

A simple trip to Target for an 11-foot RCA cord and an RCA to 1/4" plug and the guy is back in business.

Download: Heartfood presents: Strobelights Make Me Dizzy (128-bit, 21mb, 23 mins)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tha Business

Everyone that you were chillin with is now back in the system. It's that time of the year when the job and the hustle start to wear you down. Summer was over a few weeks ago but now the feeling of "back to the grind" is official. Damn, I miss the days of dodgeball and street football tournaments. To make life with the man smoother here's "Ten Snappy Responses and Quick Recoveries to Questions You Didn't Hear Because You Zoned Out".

While you're at you might as well read a book: Business Books to Impress the Big Dogs.

Ten Snappy Responses and Quick Recoveries
to Questions You Didn't Hear Because You Zoned Out
1. "I'm not going to dignify that with a response!"
2. "Whoa, I just had one of my psychic realizations: someone in this room is embezzling money!"
3. "What did you say about my wife!?" They will quickly repeat the question.
4. Raise your index fi nger to your lips and say, "Shhh, let's all just listen with our hearts for a moment. I think the answer will become obvious."
5. "I must have answered this question a hundred times in the last month! Doesn't anybody listen anymore?"
6. Act as if you are silently falling in love with the person waiting for your response.
7. Act as if you are going to respond, then pause to reconsider your response. Repeat for hours on end until quitting time.
8. Hang your head and say, "What difference does it make? We're all going to die anyway!"
9. "That may be true. Or not. What do you think, Ed?"
10. "I didn't hear your question; I zoned out. I was a million miles away. Which brings up a greater issue: what are we going to do to liven up these lame meetings?"

Download: Creep Slow - Twista f/ T-pain

Friday, September 14, 2007

Goodlife Ringtone

Download: Goodlife Stereo 112bit 344KB :25 sec
Download: Goodlife Mono 48bit 148KB :25 sec

Instructions: 1. access the link from your phone or 2. Save the to your computer and bluetooth it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Serato's Hidden Looping Feature

"For those of you who are using 1.7 already, there's a hidden feature. Auto looping is in. You can set a loop of 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 beats. Here's how:

When you open up serato, before loading a song onto the deck, click the bpm tap button 100 times. As you go you'll start to get little messages at the bottom of the screen. Finally it'll tell you congratulations.

Now, hold down Alt and use the number keys to set desired length loops. 1-5 for the left deck, 6-0 for the right deck.'s pretty dope. If you wanna make that effect where you get into loops smaller than 1 beat, just once you get down to 1 beat, hit the "out" button so that it allows you to reset the out point, and use the left arrow key to make your loop smaller. You can then bring your loop down to a stutter, then hit the loop button to turn the loop off and let the song play again. This can create some really cool effects.

Also, you can use alt+t and alt+g to start a loop that starts at 2 beats, then keep cutting itself in half automatically.

For any of this to work your tracks must be BPMd."

BOOTAY for two days!

"BOOTAY" is available for download on Spank Rock's MySpace page starting today! Two days only

R.I.P 50 Cent's career

Hey 50. Remember twhen you killed JaRule's career? Remember how you smashed it so far into the dirt that he had to hit tv on some "Please leave me alone I have a family to support" shit? It's funny how you built beef with someone you knew was already on the way out to "seal his fate". What's also interesting is how you went at Kanye with a little softer challenge. "I'll quit rapping if he outsells me". The tide has changed and the numbers are proving it. They have KanYe on a track to hit 700K albums this week... and you with a reasonably good 500K. Ouch! I know, I know. You made 32 million last year. Not that I care and not that I'm a financial guru but I'd suggest that you Keith Sweat that money and Make it Last Forever. Your singles are bangin' (Mc Lyte's "I got money, money I got"...nice!). But they don't seem to bang too long. Last reports say that you are blaming your label for the bad push? Whatever doggy. You better find a radio show to host cause in about 1 year the only way people will listen to you is if they get it for free. BTW...Jarule is laughing at you.

Download: Stronger A-Trak Remix

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spank Rock & Benny Blanco are BANGERS & CASH!

They have an EP coming out 10/9, but they'll be dropping a new MP3 download each week on their MySpace page. Each song will be available for only 2 days, so if you missed "Shake That" last Thursday here it is:

Shake That by Bangers & Cash (mp3)

Spank Rock has returned: following the critical success of 2006's YoYoYoYoYo LP, national late night TV appearances, and non-stop international touring, Spank Rock (aka Naeem Juwan) has teamed up with producer Benny Blanco for the Bangers & Cash EP. Inspired by the raunchy repertoire of 2 Live Crew, Disco D protégé Benny Blanco created tracks based on samples from 2 Live Crew's extensive catalog of explicit hits while Spank Rock contributes his signature rapid fire lyrics in homage to the originators of Miami Bass, and the rest is club rap history.

Beginning September 6th, Myspace will be exclusively debuting new tracks from the Bangers & Cash EP as Single of the Week, and will last for an unprecedented 5 consecutive weeks. The video for "Loose" will also be featured the week of October 3rd.

September 6: "Shake That"
Septmber 13: "BOOTAY"
September 20: "Loose"
September 27: "Bitch"
October 3: “Loose” Video


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The iPod is iPissing me off. In a good way.

Hey ZUNE owners...what will your excuse be for purchasing your little microsofty? "The Zune is the anti-mac?" That's all you've got? Bitches. Hey you iPhone hear this...PRICE DROP. Ouch. Now that I think about it (again, it could be cause I'm broke...errr... I mean, iPhone was out of my iBudget) I guess all I really wanted was a music player that had wifi. Phone service? Already got it. Visual voicemail thingy...nah. Then again Those ultra high capacity iPod "Classics" might work well with my Serato...then again...I like those nano video deals... dammit Apple.

Download: Code of the Streets - Gangstarr

The new ipod & nano...I love you steve.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My keys are melting.

'nuff said.