Monday, May 11, 2009

Dj Cheapshot: Club Footed

That homie Cheapshot has got one of the most clever funny bones I've ever known. It's how he gets the ladies to dance to his music. It's how he get the other Djs jealous...It's how he gets bloggers to promote his latest project.

This Club Footed outing is a sonically balanced dancefloor filler. It's perfect for those cool couples that have an undying friendship with go-go dancers...or have friends date the occasional douche. His mixes of Redhead Kingpin/New Jack Hustler/Show Me love/The Cars That Go Boom simply keep BOTH couples on the floor and happy—he gives a little love to the homie, a little for the douche.

Pictured above: Partymouth album cover. Fucking hornaliciously genius; him showing off with a "hey look I'm more super-popular than you" pose at some performance in Japan with his Crew Styles of Beyond. Club Footed is his first release after being signed to super Dj Crew S.K.A.M. Artist.

Download: Dj Cheapshot: Club Footed

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