Thursday, September 13, 2007

Serato's Hidden Looping Feature

"For those of you who are using 1.7 already, there's a hidden feature. Auto looping is in. You can set a loop of 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 beats. Here's how:

When you open up serato, before loading a song onto the deck, click the bpm tap button 100 times. As you go you'll start to get little messages at the bottom of the screen. Finally it'll tell you congratulations.

Now, hold down Alt and use the number keys to set desired length loops. 1-5 for the left deck, 6-0 for the right deck.'s pretty dope. If you wanna make that effect where you get into loops smaller than 1 beat, just once you get down to 1 beat, hit the "out" button so that it allows you to reset the out point, and use the left arrow key to make your loop smaller. You can then bring your loop down to a stutter, then hit the loop button to turn the loop off and let the song play again. This can create some really cool effects.

Also, you can use alt+t and alt+g to start a loop that starts at 2 beats, then keep cutting itself in half automatically.

For any of this to work your tracks must be BPMd."


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  2. i love sewing. but looping and sewing—although similar—are different.