Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The iPod is iPissing me off. In a good way.

Hey ZUNE owners...what will your excuse be for purchasing your little microsofty? "The Zune is the anti-mac?" That's all you've got? Bitches. Hey you iPhone hear this...PRICE DROP. Ouch. Now that I think about it (again, it could be cause I'm broke...errr... I mean, iPhone was out of my iBudget) I guess all I really wanted was a music player that had wifi. Phone service? Already got it. Visual voicemail thingy...nah. Then again Those ultra high capacity iPod "Classics" might work well with my Serato...then again...I like those nano video deals... dammit Apple.

Download: Code of the Streets - Gangstarr


  1. do you need a hug? Santa is real..i'm telling you!

  2. Decisions, decisions. I hate you Steve Jobs nots.

  3. {shaking fist} One day I'll eat every menu item that Denny's offers.