Thursday, September 13, 2007

R.I.P 50 Cent's career

Hey 50. Remember twhen you killed JaRule's career? Remember how you smashed it so far into the dirt that he had to hit tv on some "Please leave me alone I have a family to support" shit? It's funny how you built beef with someone you knew was already on the way out to "seal his fate". What's also interesting is how you went at Kanye with a little softer challenge. "I'll quit rapping if he outsells me". The tide has changed and the numbers are proving it. They have KanYe on a track to hit 700K albums this week... and you with a reasonably good 500K. Ouch! I know, I know. You made 32 million last year. Not that I care and not that I'm a financial guru but I'd suggest that you Keith Sweat that money and Make it Last Forever. Your singles are bangin' (Mc Lyte's "I got money, money I got"...nice!). But they don't seem to bang too long. Last reports say that you are blaming your label for the bad push? Whatever doggy. You better find a radio show to host cause in about 1 year the only way people will listen to you is if they get it for free. BTW...Jarule is laughing at you.

Download: Stronger A-Trak Remix

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