Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ghostface lives at my crib repost.

People have been talking about this limited edition collectors item for about a year and by the looks of the site it looks like it won't be too long before good 'ol Tony Starks 'll be up in your crib too, hoe.

No real updated info. Standard eye-openers include: GFK Robe, 14 karat gold chain, 14 karat gold medallion, 14 karat gold avenging eagle, talking doll...I mean ACTION FIGURE...(original recordings of Ghostface Killah catch-phrases), limited edition & hand-numbered (of 1,000).


8 Diagrams Mixtape" (click to download)

Mixtape Tracklisting:
1 Intro feat. Method Man
2 Watch Ur Mouf (Wu-Tang Exclusive)
3 State Of Grace (Raekwon Exclusive)
4 Break That Break (Unreleased)
5 Wu Banga 101 Remix (Unreleased)
6 My Corner (Raekwon Exclusive)
7 Stick Me 4 My Riches (Wu-Tang Exclusive)
8 Thug World (Wu-Tang Exclusive)
9 Maxine Remix (Unreleased)
10 King Toast Queen (Unreleased)
11 Strawberries & Cream Remix
12 Weak Spot (Wu-Tang Exclusive)
13 Intoxicated feat Macy Gray (ODB Exclusive)
14 Crooklyn Dodgers (Ghostface Exclusive)
15 The "W" Remix (Unreleased)
16 Real Nillaz
17 Ghost Is Back
18 Don't Go Breaking My Heart ODB feat Macy Gray
19 Violent Skit
20 Life Changes (Wu-Tang Exclusive)
21 Treez (Unreleased)
22 The Abduction
23 John 3:16
24 Good
25 Da Destroyer (Raekwon Freestyle)
26 Iron God Chamber
27 4:20
28 Wise (Unreleased)
29 Presidential M.C. (Bonus Track - The Heart Gently Weeps)

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