Wednesday, August 22, 2007

True Love & False Idols Interview

TLFI is no average joe streetwear brand—they are either super comedy or simply crazy. Who else can have the industry buzzing about a shirt with a flying squirrel on it with a tagline that says "Cocaine Breakfast"? Who else can create $400 reversible silk all over print hoodies AND get them on people like Chingy, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana? (Dipset actually asked them do do a custom shirt) Who else has a screened T of a koala with an uzi tucked in forestry with the words "Welcome to the Jungle"? Who else can pose in leopard print undies and not simply post it as a blog entry (that would be too obvious) but incorporate it as one of the main images you are forced to look at.

Read the interview with True Love & False Idols in LTD. If you want to see it in print see your local streetwear industry head or boutique.

True Love & False Idols Blog

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