Friday, August 24, 2007

Heartfood presents Dinner with the Bride

Who the hell is Heartfood and why are there 34 back-to-back lovey-dovey cuts shoved into an hour? If you pay attention to the music the songs all kinda play together like a mini romance movie—a chick flick for her ears. Hmmmm...

Personally, I would never say to use it in the following manner...because that would be evil and deceptive BUUUuuttt... play it for your girl and kick back for about 25 minutes. Small talk. Nothing serious or controversial. Use the next 15 for "The Warm Up". Whatever the warmup is be sure The next 5 (max) are for your selfish ass. The last 15 are up to you. Be forewarned you're tired and it's sleepy-type music. One quick snore could kill the entire thing.

Download Heartfood presents Dinner with the Bride.
1:02'32 of flashpointgrafixmuthafukka

1. Avila Brothers - "I want you"
2. Janet Jacskon - "Enjoy"
3. Laurnea - "Sun Don't Rain"
4. Sade - "By Your Side [Neptunes Remix]"
5. Norah Jones - "Tell Me f/ Norah Jones [Temple Soul Mix]"
6. Debarge - "I Like It"
7. The Commodores - "Zoom"
8. Toni! Tony! Tone! - "Ask of You"
9. Soul 4 Real - "Candy Rain"
10. John Legend - "Refuge"
11. SWV - "Right Here (Human Nature Extended Remix)"
12. Musiq Soulchild - "Soulstar"
13. Emanon - "The Waiting Room"
14. Robin Thicke - "Lost Without You"
15. Avant - Stickwitu [Urban Remix]
16. Music Soulchild - "Millionaire"
17. Angie Stone f/ Musiq Soulchild - "Make Love"
18. Jill Scott - "A Long Walk"
19. Jennifer Lopez - "Loving You"
20. Zhane - "Sending My Love"
22. Sade - "Color of Love"
23. Nicolay f/ Bilal - "I Can't Wait [Nicolay Remix]"
24. R. Kelly - "Step in the Name of Love"
25. Toni! Tony! Tone! - "Anniversary"
26. The Isley Brothers - "Groove With You"
27. Earth, Wind & Fire - "That's The Way Of The World"
28. The Jets - "You Got It All"
29. The Jets - "Make it real"
30. Sade - "Lovers Rock"
31. Noly - "I'll Make the Time"
32. UNV - " So in Love with you"
33. Color Me Badd - "Forever Love"
34. Dru Hill - "Share My World"

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