Wednesday, November 05, 2008

OBAMIX: DJ Sourmilk and Just.N.Credible

Obamix: DJ SourMilk & Just.N.Credible

The Los Angeles Leakers—Dj Sourmilk (ugghhh!) and Just.n.Credible—are at it again with an on point 20+min joint called OBAMIX. I gotta tell you it's like having B.Obama himself in your decks. You'll feel like knuckling up and taking on the plight of the nation with your newly found brothers and sisters. Wait. See! It's already happening and I've only listened to it a couple times!

Download DJ Sourmilk and Just.N.Credible: OBAMIX

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  1. Super hot mix. I heard it on Power 106 in LA and had to have it.