Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Milk Crates are officially Old School

Yet another sign of the times. Walmart is making things "more efficient" by redesigning the 1 gallon jug—thereby lowering prices. It kills the crate and introduces cardboard and plastic wrap. Sucka. I remember jacking a mess of white Jerseymaid crates—the ones with the steel bands around the top to keep it solid (not like the un-stackable shitty all-plastic crate) from the docks of an Alpha Beta or Safeway when I lived in San Diego. Lucky that the djs of the past 5 years never really had to do a solo gig toting 5+ crates. I say nab them REAL crates while they still exist! Milk Crates are the new Legos.

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  1. Dataing in the CratesWed Jul 30, 02:21:00 PM PDT

    My crates have acted as table, chair and modular shelving unit -along with their preferred role as record storage and transport.