Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Random Invite...

RiceboyTV Private Launch Party
Saturday Sept 29, 2007
The old Paladar Restaurant
1651 Wilcox, Hollywood, CA

Normally when this many hot girls walk around and chat you up you end up digging through your wallet for $20 in hopes that the next two minutes are some of the best minutes you've ever had in the past $100. But alas, the select invitees of this private party came a long way to help celebrate the launch of RiceboyTV.com. The seasoned Hollywood crowd slowly mingled with the bigwigs as the night went on and it seemed that the the open bar (thank you RiceboyTV!) provided the right amount of lube. DJs Myster-E, Vise Versa (of Deux Process) & Sureshot kept the L.A. cool factor within limits—by that I mean the pop-40 songs that mothers love were left out of the mix thus preventing anyone in a wedding-type suit feeling the need to "dance like nobody was watching". Although now, in retrospect I'd loved to have seen a slacks vs. jeans battle simply because nerd comedy was about the only thing missing from this fest.

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