Friday, June 12, 2009

Galt MacDermot Compilations

via Wikipedia because I'm lazy right now (i've kindly bolded the keywords for the lazy:
"MacDermot is also popular amongst collectors of jazz, funk and film soundtracks, for the scores he created to minor productions such as Woman is Sweeter and Rhinoceros. Working with high-calibre jazz musicians such as Bernard Purdie, Jimmy Lewis and Idris Muhammad, MacDermot created tight, rhythmical soundtrack pieces which effectively prefigured the funk material of James Brown. Consequently, MacDermot's work from this period has been sampled by hip-hop musicians including Busta Rhymes, who borrowed "Space" for "Woo hah!!", and Handsome Boy Modelling School, DJ Vadim, DJ Premier and Oh No (rapper), who have all sampled the same segment from "Coffee Cold". Underground rapper/producer MF Doom also sampled "Cathedral" for his instrumental piece "Pennyroyal" as part of his Special Herbs series. On 8 August 2006, rapper Oh No released an album produced completely with Galt MacDermot samples, entitled Exodus into Unheard Rhythms, on Stones Throw Records."

These cuts:
C'mon Wit Da Git Down - Artifacts
Uncivilized (Instrumental) - Beatnuts
Woo-Hah (Instrumental) - Busta Rhymes
Werdz From The Ghetto Child (Instrumental) - Gangstarr
Mash (Instrumental) - J Dilla
The Truth - J-Live
Galt Is Loose (Instrumental) - K-Def
Pennyroyal (Instrumental) - MF Doom
Cinquefoil (Instrumental) - MF Doom
Discipline 99 - Quasimoto
Return Of The Loop Digga - Quasimoto

...have samples that can be found somewhere in these Galt MacDermot originals
Coffee Cold / Cathedral / If Our Love Is Real / Ripped Open By Metal Explosions / Golden Apples Part II / Space / Stockyard / Aquarius / Sodomy / Donna-Hashish / Easy To Be Hard / Where Do I Go / Don't Put It Down / Hare Krishna / Good Morning Starshine / Let The Sunshine In

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